The Different Colors of Tungsten

You may have seen all the different kinds of tungsten carbide rings on the market. What does it all mean for you? Let’s break it down for you! (Continue Reading)

Natural Tungsten Carbide

is a natural element, its symbol is W and atomic number is 74. By itself, it is a powder consisting of equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. A small amount of nickel is used to bind the powder into a heavy, dense metal which ranks a 9 on Mohs hardness scale (the only thing harder is diamond which is a 10). These unique features make this a perfect alternative metal to titanium, stainless steel, silver, gold, white gold, platinum or palladium. The color of tungsten is darker than white gold or platinum, but the permanent mirror finish is superior and the metal itself will last longer.

If you have an extreme metal allergy to nickel then you may react to the small amount of nickel contained in the mixture. This is a rare occurrence but is always a possibility.

Because we use a high power laser to engrave our rings the engraved emblems are permanent and scratch resistant just like the metal itself. If you are in the market for a scratch resistant, tough ring then this is for you!


Tungsten’s naturally dark gray color and hard surface make for perfect conditions to apply a special, strong metal coating called PVD (physical vapor deposition) which gives the ring a sleek, handsome black onyx color.

When we engrave a black tungsten ring we actually engrave through the coating to reveal the beautiful polish below which makes for a handsome two-tone ring. The engraving is permanent to the ring; however, the black tungsten can scratch over time, unlike the natural tungsten. We recommend that this ring is worn in an office-type setting or for nice occasions.

18kt Yellow Gold

A layer of 18kt gold is carefully electroplated onto our tungsten leaving a beautiful gold finish on the ring. Electroplating is a very tedious and difficult process where both the tungsten ring and 18kt yellow gold are soaked in a solution containing electrolyte which allows the metals to be electrically charged. After soaking, a power supply is used to start the plating process. The tungsten is given a negative charge; the gold is given a positive one and is then plated over the tungsten. The plating is thin, but very strong and durable because the atoms of the metal are essentially fused together.

One last amazing feature, tungsten carbide is also the safest metal you can wear. In the event of an emergency, the ring can gently be removed under the steady pressure of vice grips. This pressure will cause the ring to crack in multiple places and gently break off the finger without injuring the finger.

In summary, tungsten is such a unique and amazing metal! Its unique makeup is such that these rings are scratch resistant with a permanent mirror polish finish which will last a lifetime.